Interview with Fro Pro

How long have you been planning a food business?
Fro Po evolved from a simple idea to a viable business over the course of approximately 9 months.  Throughout the initial planning period we created our business plan and conducted both product research and development.

What made you want to start a business in the food industry (what problems are you solving or niche are you filling)?
There were multiple factors involved in the decision to begin a food manufacturing business.  Without either of us having any prior experience in the industry, it was quite a risk, however, we felt that there was a definitive gap in the breakfast market, especially considering the continual increase in demand for ready-to-eat convenience breakfast products.

Are you a sole business owner, family run business or partnership?
Our business operates as a partnership.

What kind of food do you make?
Fro Po produces all natural, ready-to-eat, porridge.  Containing no artificial additives, we aim to provide a convenient breakfast product that remains as close as possible to how Mother Nature intended it to be.

Who is your target market?
Our target market consists of both males and females, between 18-55 years of age that are health-conscious but time-poor.  Whether it be students, professionals or busy parents, our product is designed to allow individuals to enjoy a comforting, healthy breakfast that they don’t have time to make themselves.

How do you sell your product?
Our product is sold through retail outlets, such as supermarkets and delis.

At what point did you start using a commercial kitchen?
We moved into a commercial kitchen space while in the final stages of product development, as we felt it was important to understand how to upscale our production before attempting to produce on a larger scale

What benefits have you discovered to using a kitchen incubator?
The benefits of using a kitchen incubator have ranged from not having to outlay the initial cost of setting up a HACCP approved commercial kitchen, alongside receiving support and advice from people in the industry

How do you plan to grow your business in the next 12 months?
Plans for 2015 include increasing our exposure to the general public, through both an increased number of stockists and a greater presence through social media and other marketing avenues.  We also aim to branch out into commercial supply.

Meirav Dulberg