They Come from all Walks of Life...


Mums, Chefs, IT professionals, marketing gurus, corporate escapees - these are just some of the people building their business and achieving their dreams in a kitchen incubator. Here are some of their stories:

Rachel of Firegreen Foods is a new immigrant from England, Mum to three boys and in the midst of building her own business as an advocate for gluten free and sugar free foods. In 2017 Rachel saw a new country, new business, new house and then had a year of possibilities ahead of her.

Matt of Matthew’s Nutrition Kitchen is one of the new breed of young entrepreneurs that are driven to create their own niche in the world of business. A fitness instructor, physique competitor and small business owner, Matt makes it possible for others to achieve their fitness goals by taking the hassle out of of planning, shopping, counting calories and cooking by delivering nutritious, tasty meals to his customers. Matt’s ambition and willingness to do the hard yards (including keeping himself in shape for his own personal billboard) will see him achieve his lofty goals of conquering the world of gym goers across Australia. Orders are taken on Matthew’s Nutrition Kitchen website.

Shannon of Eat Sweet makes delicious, French-style nougat in contemporary flavours and amazing unicorn meringues. She is a corporate escapee, hopeless sweet tooth, creative flavour-genius and market stallholder. Making sweets and building a food business is a way to get out from behind a desk and into the kitchen, making her lifelong hobby a reality on retailers’ shelves. Look for Eat Sweet products at the Sunday Arts Centre Market, other markets around Melbourne and discerning retailers’ shelves.

Chef, Mother, Business Owner, Fitness Instructor, Believer in whole foods and authentic ingredients, Nadia has many strings to her bow and skills to her repertoire. Starting out by making a range of healthy muesli to support her fitness clients under the Nature’s Essentials brand, Nadia has since spread the muesli love to retailers’ shelves and other cafes and restaurants. Not a businessperson to stick to one thing, Nadia also uses her impressive Chef skill shoned in high-end Melbourne restaurant to help others with menu and product development from within the kitchen under The Artisan Pantry brand.

A young couple with young children and strong food beliefs, Lucy and Adrian started The Hidden Souk to indulge their passion for fresh spices and directly support local and International spice farmers in a market that is traditionally renowned for its propensity towards shady practices. Sourcing ethically produced whole spices and grinding them into blends for home cooks and restaurants to create authentic dishes from their own kitchens is the key to their business. Visit the Hidden Souk flavour library for more information.

A Chef and a Project Manager (sounds like the beginning of a joke!), this couple are well-travelled Beetle (as in Volkswagen, not bugs) enthusiasts and business owners using their skills cooking and serving American-style food at events, markets and festivals. With dreams of Hot Rods, creating their own entertainment and a food truck lifestyle, their reasons for a food business are all about creating their own fun and building the foundation of a less stressful life. Look out for MeetWagon at your next outdoor event or festival.

Meirav Dulberg