Interview with Treats

How long have you been planning a food business?
Since August 2014

What made you want to start a business in the food industry (what problem are you solving or niche are you filling)?
I wanted a healthy product suitable for infants that parents could trust. Through my own personal experience with my little one and through friends who are parents also.

Are you a solo business owner, family run business or partnership?
At the moment it will be run as a sole trader due to lack of cashflow.

What kind of food do you make?
Healthy brownie product.

Who is your target market?
Parents and fitness groups.

How do you sell (or plan to sell) your product?
Start off at local organic markets, move into cafes and also through the website.

At what point did you start using a commercial kitchen
I'm not at the moment.

What was the trigger for contacting My Other Kitchen?
I’m new to the food industry and wanted to contact a professional who could help me realise my dream.

What benefits have you discovered to using a Kitchen Incubator?
Coaching and business planning, industry experience. Jane is also very motivating and gave me a range of ideas, contacts, sources of information that I can work on.

How do you plan to grow your business in the next 12 months?
I plan to develop my recipe a bit more, get all the business side done - confirming the name, logo etc. Applying for a spot at the local markets to start off and then moving into cafes.

Where can we buy your food product?
Markets, cafes, health stores and online - with the dream to supply to the Harris Farm chain.

Anything else you would like to share?
I started with an idea thinking it might not work. But my first meeting with Jane made me realise that my idea can be turned into reality - as long as I stay motivated and complete my business plan. Jane gave me a lot of resources that I can work with and I really do appreciate her professional advice. Without her help I would never have got anything off the ground and I think she should open up a kitchen in Sydney. 

Meirav Dulberg