Interview with alg Seaweed

What made you want to start a business in the food industry (what problem are you solving)?

My love of seaweed, knowledge in nutrition and passion in food led to me developing an easy to use seaweed condiment using Australian harvested wakame seaweed. I want seaweed to become a household pantry item. I want to educate Australians and other cultures not familiar with the nutritional benefits and environmental benefits of seaweed. 

Are you a solo business owner, family run business or partnership?

I’m sole owner of alg Seaweed, the founder and Chief Dietitian. I’m passionate about passing on my knowledge and still hold a teaching role at La Trobe University in the Nutrition and Dietetics faculty.

What kind of food do you make?

alg Seaweed produce a range dukkah-style sprinkles that anyone can use like salt and pepper, so you can add it into your salads, on meats, eggs, avocado and fish. Needing just a small amount to give a powerful taste, ranging from the traditional such as bonito sesame and bush tucker to the more contemporary flavours such as chickpea miso and black lava salt.

My products are made from wakame seaweed handpicked from the Tasmanian sea. Wakame is an introduced species and harvesting it also helps rid Australian waters of the weed.

Who is your target market?

Our target market is women between 35-45, children and pregnant women.

What was the trigger for contacting The Business of Food

I met Jane as My Other Kitchen (now The Business of Food) was a partner at Monash University’s Food Incubator in Clayton that works with food entrepreneurs to develop their ideas. That helped fuel the rapid growth of my business.

Jane and The Business of Food Team allowed me to develop my product in registered food premises and get mentorship and support.  I also completed Rocket Seeder’s 12-week accelerator program, which helped me refine my niche and keep building on creating a product range that fits the market needs.  The Clayton-based facilities and The Business of Food Team are great resources for entrepreneurs looking to follow their food dreams and network with like-minded people.

Where can we buy your product?

I came up with my idea for alg just two years ago and I’ve already progressed from selling at farmers’ markets to creating my own online shop stocked with a range of her staple product as well as seaweed soap and gift sets.  You can buy online at and I have lots of recipes on my website so you can get started in adding seaweed to your diet.

Have you got any tip(s) for someone launching their own food business?

Find your niche and just do it! Keep testing the market and keep a close eye to market trends and industry news. Network, network, network!!

Sarah Leung - alg Seaweed

Sarah Leung - alg Seaweed