Interview with Raw Sip

What made you want to start a business in the food industry (what problem are you solving or niche are you filling)?

Wood apple fruit has been used in Ayurveda and indigenous medicine in South East Asia for thousands of years, so I went back to my homeland to learn more of its history. I established RAW SIP to introduce wood apple fruit to Australia as a nectar.

Are you a solo business owner, family run business or partnership?

I’m the sole owner of the business.

What kind of food do you make?

RAW SIP creates a nectar style drink using wood apple fruit with palm treacle (which has been made by boiling the sap of the palm flower) and coconut milk.  RAWSIP’s woodapple nectar is gluten free, no artificial colors or flavours and also certified by Vegan Australia. 

Who is your target market?

My primary customer is Australian hipsters aged 25-40 - men and women who are explorers and always want to try different things from other cultures and countries

My other target audience is the Sri Lankan and Indian (mainly South Indian) community in Australia, as they know the wood apple fruit already.

How do you sell your product?

Online through digital marketing, through distributors, by going in to festivals, by stocking in cafes and restaurants (matched to where my target market live or work).

What was the trigger for contacting The Business of Food?

As someone who has no experience in the food and beverage industry, I was seeking a mentor who would help me with how to step into the beverage market. Also how to create a business plan, marketing plan, branding, web designing, label designing and learn about Australian food standards, regulations and requirements to bring in a product from overseas to retailers in Australia.

I met with Jane from The Business of Food and realised that her team could add so much value to my business idea as she has a vast amount of knowledge in the food and beverage industry. Also they partner with other business experts (web / brand / marketing) and food and beverage industry experts (packaging / bottling / importing) who are happy to support small businesses to make their dream come true.

Anything else you would like to share?

Through The Business of Food I have attended food expos, food festivals and markets and as a result am now stocking RAW SIP in more than 10 retail shops, cafes and restaurants; and I continue to get support from The Business of Food to grow my business.  

Where can we buy your product?

You can get hold of RAW SIP online 

Do you have any tip(s) for someone launching a new food business?

Find out your purpose in business and what value you are trying to bring into people’s lives. Also learn to embrace the rejection and learn from your rejections and failures.   

Amila Perera - Raw Sip

Amila Perera - Raw Sip