Cinzia Cozzolino


Cinzia Cozzolino went from being a sole parent on welfare to building a million dollar business with her simple home recipe.

Cinzia returned to study in her 40's to become a clinical nutritionist. While searching for a solution to her daughter’s fussy eating, she hit upon the idea of mixing dried superfoods in advance and dropping the pre-portioned boosters into breakfast smoothies.

Cinzia discovered there was a need in the market for the nutritious smoothies she was making at home and packaged her product, called Smoothie Bombs. She bootstrapped through the business inception by being resourceful and determined.

Her products have gone from being hand made in her home kitchen to stocked on the shelves in major retail stores including Chemist Warehouse and overseas. She recently won the 2017 Most Innovative Product of the Year Award at the Australian Certified Organic Annual Awards.

Cinzia Cozzolino is a qualified clinical nutritionist who completed a Certificate IV Small Business Management in 2013.


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