Starting or growing a food business and need to hire a commercial kitchen?

We know that building a food business requires access to a compliant kitchen, which can be expensive to establish for a new business. Our fully equipped commercial kitchen is available for hire, with affordable short term or long term rates. It has all the basic equipment you will need (and room to bring in specialist equipment). Using our commercial kitchen reduces the risk and stress of getting your new food business registered. Our kitchen is also ideal for developing a new product or supporting home based businesses ready to grow into small scale manufacturing.

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Food businesses need a great product and time to build sales and customer relationships before you take the leap onto the next step – your own place or a contract manufacturer. For businesses hiring our commercial kitchen, advice on how to take the leap onto the next step is available.  Book in for a Recipe to Retail Information session to find out how The Business of Food can assist your business beyond kitchen hire. 

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Kitchen Space

We are located at the Monash Food Incubator

13 Rainforest Walk
Clayton VIC 3800


The benefits [of using a kitchen incubator] are immeasurable - from the obvious advantage of having a commercial kitchen at your fingertips without all the stress of set up and the ongoing issues and bills. One payment covers it all. But it’s all the extras that make it so special. Meeting people who have been at the stage you are at - people who are starting at the same time. The variety of people and businesses that come through the kitchen - I find I learn something every time I am in the kitchen! And the networking side of the incubator is tremendous from suppliers, to distributors, to photographers, to graphic designer, website designers, business management…. The list is endless. There is a very supportive atmosphere within the incubator which, as a solo producer, is very comforting
— Rachel, Firegreen Foods