Building a community around food and knowledge is one of our core beliefs.

As a small business ourselves there is much we have learned and valuable contacts made along the way.

The Business of Food shares our experience with our clients, to prevent you feeling like you are on your own, to assist your business be productive more quickly and to avoid known pitfalls.

Ultimately a food business is like any other kind of business, thus we also host small business workshops and networking sessions where business owners of all types meet to share experiences and to connect with others including web designers, accountants and sales and marketing specialists.


Over the years, we've found that there are common challenges in starting a food business. So, to keep the cost down and still get you the information you need, look out for our events facilitated by technical experts on the most common issues faced by new food businesses.

Our recent partnership with Monash University running the kitchens in the Food Incubator has made it possible to extend our workshops offerings by connecting with other support programs, services and even more opportunities.

You'll find all events listed on our Eventbrite page - this includes those scheduled interstate.

Upcoming Networking Events:

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