Program & Speakers

Our first keynote speaker will be addressing putting in the effort required at the beginning of a new food business to establish solid foundations; and then being ready to launch a new food product ahead of the curve. Following up from this the first Q&A Panel Session for the day will introduce you to coworking spaces, venture capitalists and the startup ecosystem in general that you can access to help get your business established.

Our second keynote speaker will discuss how and why larger companies in the food industry are actively working to grow the start ecosystem in the Australian food industry. The second Q&A Panel Session for the day will continue the discussion about the attributes of a business ready to scale up, how to respond to changing market demands and being prepared for new business opportunities. The panel members will be sharing tips on how to maximise the start up programs and funding opportunities available for the food industry.

Our closing Q&A Panel Session will focus on the start up pathway for a packaged food business, connecting the dots between your food business dream and getting your food product on a retail shelf, by maximising expert advice provided through The Business of Food and specialist food incubators and accelerator programs.