We love being around exciting new food ideas and meeting the people behind them.

Through setting up our own food business and our experience over the past 10 years, we’re confident that we have the knowledge and network to help your development.

We respect that it’s your business with your recipes, products and plans, but things will come up – opportunities and challenges – that you hadn’t expected and might not know how to manage. We offer a range of support for you to choose from when you need it. Whether it’s training, an introduction to an expert or a coaching conversation, The Business of Food is on hand to help your growth and development.

The Business of Food team:

Actively involved with people and organisations across a range of support services, from local Council innovation representatives to web designers, distributors and business centres, The Business of Food is building food communities all across Melbourne.

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Jane Del Rosso

Jane Del Rosso left a corporate career to train in cooking and pursue her passion for all things food. A natural food incubator, she established The Business of Food to bring together her professional skills, interests and commitment to making a difference with small businesses.

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Luis Osorio

Luis is experienced in product development and project management from his background in FMCG. As part of the management team, he helps set the direction of the business and identify the programs that we run.

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Alexia is an experienced cook, capably manages clients’ practical needs and is responsible for the high client satisfaction and all operational aspects of My Other Kitchen.