The Business of Food has an extensive program of workshops and organising events that provide knowledge, training, introductions and practical tools across all aspects of establishing and growing your food business.

Our core portfolio of professional training covers these key areas:

  • Regulations and compliance: what you need to do to meet local council and food health and safety requirements
  • Marketing: it’s vital to have the right strategy, messaging and channels to grow
  • Packaging and branding: know what information needs to be listed, who to work with for attractive and durable design that attracts customer attention and understand the impact that packaging has on extending product shelf life
  • Commercial viability: using sound business fundamentals including demand testing, competitor analysis, identifying your target market and cost control as well as process development and procedure.

Our workshops are a blend of content delivery, training and practical exercises so you can apply what you’ve learned to your business. Personalised coaching services can also be arranged to follow on from our workshops, to provide targeted advice for your business. 

Like you, we know that things aren’t predictable and we’re always open to questions and suggestions. We keep up-to-date with trends, changes and best practice and organises occasional information sessions and facilitates networking meetings to share learning within our community. 




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