Monash launches $3 million incubator facility to drive food industry innovation
The Incubator comprises three, high tech, serviced industrial kitchens, a food grade scale-up lab and a collaborative lounge. Read more

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Working communities - words and fruit loaves
Jen Squire from Oliver Lane Foods blogs about her experience in starting a new food business and the value of community, support and opportunity from working in our shared space alongside like-minded businesses.


Coffee Chat Interview
We joined Lee Cummins on 88.3 Southern FM discuss the new events that are coming up to coincide with Small Business Victoria week plus the latest food trends coming through our kitchen. 

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Harvest Picnic
At the Age Harvest Picnic at Hanging Rock in February 2013 we came home with a very satisfying double - Crabtree Salts won the Gold Award and My Other Kitchen was awarded Best New Exhibitor.


"A recipe for Business Success"
Small Business Mentoring Service Inc.


Good Food Month
During the November 2013 Good Food Month, We donated our kitchen facilities to Fairfax Media who produced a number of short cooking demonstrations. It was great fun to be part of the process and to see how these works come together behind the scenes! Check out the results:

The Art of Pickling - Nellie Kerrison from Relish Mama

The Octopus Sessions - Ino Kuvacic from Dalmatino

Cocktails, dreams and a sprig of coriander - Marc Frew from the Long Room

Let it burn! Chile Mexicana! - Rachelle Mallik from Gewurzhaus Cooking School

Moulding chocolates - Arno Backes from Gânache Chocolate

The truth about Absinthe - Benjamin Luzz from Bar Ampere

Making bagels at home - Zev Forman from 5 & Dime Bagel Company


Federation Story - Giving Back with My Other Kitchen


"Serving up delicious dreams and low carb lifestyles"
Interview on the award winning ABC Local Radio show "The Main Ingredient" with Kelli Brett.
Radio interview replay from July 2014


"Cooking up a Storm"
In support of Business Victoria's Small Business Festival during August 2014, and in collaboration with our partners and clients, we hosted the "Bringing Your Business Idea to Life" Expo held at Kingston City Hall in Moorabbin. See our story on the Business Victoria site.


Win-Win Business Show 3SER Community Radio (97.7FM)
Paul Tero's radio show is a platform for business owners, government bodies, groups and associations to communicate ideas and promote their businesses and expertise.
Extract of interview download audio (MP3, 13mins)


"This incubator hatches food businesses"
Jackey Coyle frrom Inside Small Business Magazine wrote up a case study on My Other Kitchen. It describes our business strategy, how we provide help to small business and our future aspirations. Read the story.