Can you afford to miss the Business of Food Expo?

If you have a food dream - either to get going, launch a new product, expand into the export market or maybe just improve your packaging - then you can’t afford to miss The Business of Food Expo.

 You will get access to over 20 experts that can assist you turn your food dream into a reality.   You also get to hear from industry leaders participating in our 3 Q&A Panel Sessions.

Lunch is provided for all attendees and we have made sure there is time to network with other food business owners and food focussed entrepreneurs during lunchtime.    

 This is the only Expo of its type held in Victoria that is totally designed around accelerating your food business dream & this time next year, we hope you will have a similar story to Maria Glover from Glovely Gelato:

 “I attended the Business of Food Expo in March 2018 as I had an idea for a food product. It was there that I met Jane Del Rosso and her team. It was a fantastic event and inspired me to get going with my food idea. I do not have a background in the food industry but Jane has guided me through the process of setting up a food business, including how to identify my target market, where to get ingredients, how to approach retailers and distributors, on how to price my product and so on. With help from the TBoF team as well as my food safety consultant, I now produce my gelato under Dairy Food Safe regulation and sell my product in a number of premium retail outlets as well as delivering direct to consumers. My journey from “Recipe to Retail” in less than a year would definitely not have happened without the help of Jane and The Business of Food. I cannot recommend the services they provide highly enough.” 

 So the question is – are you serious about turning your dream into a reality?  Are you ready to establish your business, launch new products or expand into the export market? 

If yes, then you can’t afford to miss The Business of Food Expo.   And we’re looking forward to seeing you there – book your ticket today.