Can you turn food waste into a new food product?

More and more customers are expecting food manufacturers to be conscious of their environmental footprint, when they pack their product, source ingredients and manage their food waste created during production.

The Business of Food (est as My Other Kitchen) has been operating for more than ten years, so we’ve seen some great changes in packaging and how take away products are sold, especially coffee and the range of recycled ‘keep cups’ that are now available.

Well here’s a great recycling story about coffee waste addressing issues caused by harvesting palm oil. 

is there an opportunity to be more creative with waste in your business - or partner up with someone? Try and think outside of the box - for example, a few years ago we met a meringue maker using lots of egg whites who stored the egg yolks for use by a different business making custard desserts. Reduced the food waste and it was a financial saving for both businesses.

If you are inspired to be developing alternative products from your food waste and need advice on how to make it happen – get in touch for a strategic 1:1 coaching session focused on new product development.