Not sure how to get started? Try Accelerating your Food Dream

It can be tough setting up any business and if you want to launch a food business, then you have lots of government regulations to comply with. So look out for an Accelerator Program to get you going faster.

Accelerator Programs are targeted at entrepreneurs wanting to establish a new business.

There are lots to choose from – but they all support a small group of people with a business idea get started by providing business development curriculum, mentors and sometimes an investor network.

And then you get ‘incubators’, which are usually a physical space with ad hoc experts providing general business advice through workshops. They also provide networking opportunities and ‘office’ infrastructure for those on a tight budget so they have a base as they establish their business (that is not just their home!).

For more info on what Accelerators are & how to pick one that suits you, check out this article.

We run the only Accelerator Program in Victoria that focuses on getting a new food product into the retail market. Our program gives you time in a commercial compliant kitchen, so you can develop your business model and new food product at the same time.

Our structured program assists you turn your food dream into a food business – covering the financial side of establishing a small business, food regulations, having a clear ‘unique selling point’, packaging, labelling, choosing premises, marketing and promotion, setting your RRP and more. 

Then in our kitchen premises, we provide practical skills based assistance to develop and launch you new food product. This can include converting your home recipe into a commercial recipe; developing a production process to deliver a consistent high quality product every time; improving your shelf life; establishing time efficient packing processes; or sourcing ingredients.  

Completing our Accelerator Program, will ensure you have created a prototype of your product– and you will have the confidence you need to start selling directly to customers, or through retail outlets or via distributors.

If you are ready to Accelerate your Food Dream