Struggling with motivation? 3 ways to measure your success.

It’s easy to focus on what’s going wrong or didn’t work as you expected when establishing your food business. All of a sudden your motivation is gone, you are doubting giving up your ‘day job’ and you are awake at night trying to work out what to do next.

So here’s 3 ways to measure success – to keep your motivated and on track to achieve your business goals.

1) Goals and strategies

Have clear goals and strategies to achieve, then you can measure the results.

Have easy goals, slightly harder goals that will take a couple of months to achieve and then big picture goals to achieve in a . The easy goals you can do in a day – go on a ‘To Do’ list and cross them off when they are done. It’s amazing how this can keep you motivated when you feel overwhelmed & all the little things add up to be successful.

2) Have a Business Plan

Put your goals and strategies into a business plan. Yes this is the boring part of running a business, but it gives you the structure for what you want to achieve and how you are going to get there.

This is where the detail about your hard goals and big picture goals are fleshed out, so you know the main practical steps you have to complete. Writing them down and focusing on understanding what expert advice or practical support you need to achieve these goals, also helps you reduce your stress and stay positive.

3) Look beyond financial success

Success isn’t just about profit margins. You need to pay your bills and earn a holiday, but there are lots of components to a food business that affect your success.

Keep an eye on your customer loyalty program, how consistent your product is, your pricing structure and point of sales marketing materials. And constantly measure your interactions and relationships with your stockists or distributors, your customers and of course your staff.

Remember even as a solo operator, you are not alone in running your food business.

Speak with your expert advisors, your trusted friends or family (your tribe) – to assist you have realistic goals and expectations of what success is for you personally and in your business; and get assistance to achieve your goals.

To support you learn from the experience of those already in business and network with other up and coming food businesses, we host a series of events called A Taste of Success. Each event has a theme, with two inspiring guest speakers and they let you interact with the speakers as they share their definition of success and their journey to achieve it.


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