You may be a solo operator, but you can be part of the foodie community

It’s important for solo operators to get out of their own business and pay attention to what’s going around them.

And its easy for you to do this. Join a local small business group in your Council area; become a member of a co-working space and schedule time to work there every week; look for industry events you can network at; join an online community group that matches to your food product/business; or create a community of your own.

Staying connected within the food industry opens you up: to receiving advice from different people; to learning how developing trends may impact your business; to new retailers or distributors; and overall to new opportunities.

Don’t become so focused on your business that you isolate yourself and miss out on opportunities to expand, grow or solidify your foundations according to your business plan.

We host networking events on a regular basis. From business to business breakfasts, to food focused networking lunches, to our A Taste of Success events for our clients and foodies in general.